Campfire comes alive at night, gather round for some roasting toasting campfire fun and games. 

Marshmallow toasting

Friday and Saturday

Enjoy a marshmallow toasting session around the campfire each night. 

Campfire games

Friday and Saturday

Join with our VK ambassadors for campfire fun and games. 


Friday and Saturday

Come and share a story at our storytime sessions, perfect for a bedtime story. They’ll be hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy. 

Star gazing demo

Learn about the night sky with a star gazing demo. We’ll start at the campfire but will go on a short walk to find a dark corner to gaze up at the stars, maybe you’ll see a shooting star!

Music at the Campfire

Friday and Saturday

They’ll be singalongs and music to enjoy by the campfire, why not bring along an instrument and join in one of our open mic sessions.