Our top 10 Vegan Easter Eggs

With Easter just around the corner here is our guide to the BEST vegan Easter eggs.

Three years ago, the outlook for vegan Easter eggs was pretty bleak. You’d be lucky to find just one and if you did it was probably a dark chocolate egg. Not much fun if you have a sweet tooth and want to join in the vegan fun!

With the recent explosion in veganism, it seems the chocolate egg industry is catching up and more and more choice is coming onto the market.

It’s also been encouraging this year to see so many producers tackling the plastic problem with their Easter egg solutions.

So here is my top ten vegan Easter egg guide.

Cocoa Loco – Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs

We really love Cocoa Loco’s pledge to go plastic free and they have not disappointed in their new range for Easter this year! Although they are not an exclusively vegan company, they do state clearly which of their chocolates are suitable for vegans – it’s pretty much the entire dark chocolate range. Their dark chocolate is really indulgently good quality chocolate.

They use fairtrade organic chocolate, from the dominican republic, and while we normally prefer direct trade from a single source, the fairtrade scheme is still better than most and also great to be palm oil free, because chocolate does not need palm oil in it.

We particularly like the bunny box it comes in and the chocolate inside in wrapped in a home-compostable bag.

If you are a fan of dark chocolate or looking for a lower sugar option this is a great choice! Inside the pack you get 12 solid chocolate eggs – it’s worth pointing out that it is solid chocolate so, while at face value it might look a bit pricey, when you look at the amount of cocoa you are getting it is well worth it!

Where can you get it?

Buy online directly from them at: Cocoa Loco

Moo Free – Organic Sea Salt and Caramel Easter Egg

We love the ethics of this company who state their core values are quality, fun and ethics. They have a great policy on waste and equal pay as well as using single origin organic cocoa, so they get a lot of ticks on the ethical front.

They are also very allergen friendly. Aside from a factory that handles hazelnuts they are clear of all the main allergens, such as gluten and soya and obviously dairy. Being an exclusively vegan company also earns them extra brownie points. Vegan brownies, obviously.

Being one of the more widely available eggs means they are easier to get hold of and good value for money. They have around 45% cocoa content, making them not so good if you want to watch your sugar intake, but great for those of us with a sweet tooth, and the rice milk makes for a great creamy texture.

Most importantly, this is a chocolate that my kids actually like. I have found that hey don’t like a lot of vegan alternative chocolate, but this one is a winner, and one for the top of our Easter wishlist! On a side note, I really like the honeycomb bunny bar they do too!

Where can you get it?

Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Asda and many local independent health food shops are stocking Moo Free products.

So Free – White Chocolate Alternative Easter Egg

The So Free range is great for people who have additional allergies, as they are completely free from nuts – they are one of the few brands who are certified nut free due to having no nuts in their factory. They also have a range of no added sugar products and have recently added a white chocolate egg to their Easter egg range. Their egg includes a bunny bar, and we love that there is no plastic in the packaging!

Where can you get it?

Their eggs are widely available from small independent health food shops as well as their own website: Plamil

Hotel Chocolat – Extra-Thick Easter Egg, Rare & Vintage

If you want a slice of pure luxury this Easter, the Extra Thick Easter Egg looks amazing! The egg shell is split into two and has two single origin dark chocolates and, as if that wasn’t enough pure indulgence, it is then filled deep with more chocolate and nuts! We’re guessing this is not one for the kids, priced at £29, but it is a lavish egg-stravigence! It certainly will make the perfect centrepiece for that someone special in your life!

D&D Chocolates – Mini Eggs

Last year was our family’s first fully vegan Easter, and we quickly panicked when we realised there was nothing small and little for an Easter egg hunt that wasn’t going to cost us an absolute fortune! That was until we discovered D&D Chocolates. They produce a range of foil wrapped Easter eggs, from mini solid Easter eggs to hollow eggs in a variety of different sizes. They have a hamper of 101 Easter eggs, in which you can get various different sized eggs – 101 of them! Perfect for organising an Easter egg hunt!

They also do a range of carob eggs, for those who you are not able to eat cocoa.

Sadly they have informed me all their Easter chocolates have been sold out for this year – so better put them in the dairy for next year!

Elements For Life – Easter Raw Chocolate Making Starter Kit

If you feel like getting creative this Easter you can always opt for the make-your-own option, and we’ve found a great make-your-own kit from Elements For Life.

The fun moulds make for a great kids activity and in just 30 minutes you will be able to sample your creations!

The kits contains everything you need, and a video on their website shows you the easy steps to make it.

Even better, just simply top up the ingredients and you’ll have the moulds for years to come, and you can create chocolates whenever you want!

Where can you get it?

Get your kit online here:

GEt them here

Coco Carvan – Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs – Caramel Filled

Coco Caravan are offering a box of 8 mini vegan eggs filled with caramel! Which we think is a very yummy idea indeed!

Where can you get it?

Get yours here:

Raw Chocolate Pie Company – Little Egg

A raw chocolate that I actually like! The Raw Chocolate Pie Company makes ‘to die for products’ packed full of superfoods, and their Easter range does not disappoint! This product does contains nuts, so isn’t suitable if you have a nut allergy.

Eating this egg is like pure heaven, and you can see an example of me sharing this egg with my kids below! One of the benefits of raw chocolate is that more of the nutrients are kept in the product. It also means you can eat this and feel good about it! There are no refined sugars only naturally occurring ones, so allround this is a good choice for the more health conscious of us.

It is a bit of a treat as it is a little more pricey, but still good value when you consider the ingredients. It is also solid jam packed with filling inside. Definitely worth the extravagance once in awhile! We love the beautiful little bow on it! More importantly our kids like it too – meaning we can feed them something relatively healthy for them to enjoy!

Where can you get it?

Buy it here: raw choc pie

Ethicoco – Tipsy Vegan Creme Eggs Selection

We’ve been egg-cited to try the vegan mini egg alternatives made by small artisan producers! They are all pretty amazing! But also hard to get hold off! You can see a video of me eating one from Mummy Meagz last year!

Then we stumbled across this one from Ethicoco. They make really creamy chocolates that are some of my favourites on the market! So this, we are sure, will be heavenly!

Although not one for the kids. This is for mums and dads only as each one has a boozy flavoured filling! Certainly one to hide in the cupboard and have a sneaky bite once the kids are in bed!

Ethicoco are a bean to bar manufacturer, creating the chocolate themselves. We also love their egg box packaging.

Where can you get it?

From the Ethicoco website, here:

Bianca Martin Chocolates – Extra Large Vegan Easter Egg

A couple of years ago the idea of a luxury vegan Easter egg was just a dream. But now, thanks to the team at Bianca Martin, you don’t have to feel left out. Join in the fun with their range of luxury Easter eggs.

We’ve picked their extra large egg as a family sharer! Or you could eat it all yourself!

Their eggs are all hand made so no two are the same – you are sure to get a unique and special surprise with this one! You also get the option to add some praline filled Easter eggs to your order.

The eggs are painted with gold shimmer which makes them look stunning!

Where can you get it?

Get your luxury Easter egg from here.

I think we have been spoiled for choice this year and there are certainly more and more vegan Easter egg options becoming available. It almost makes me excited to see what new treats we will have next year! One of the things I love about being vegan is discovering new and exciting products from up-and-coming brands. It’s a great time to be vegan!

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