Vegan snack packs for kids.

Vegan snack packs

“Can I have a snack?” Possibly one of the phrases I hear most of the day as a parent. Where do my children put all this food and what can I feed them to ensure they are getting a nutritious snack?

Here are my top ten snack pack ideas. I often batch make snacks by saving spread, and houmous style tubs, which I then pre-fill with different snack packs. So when hunger strikes, the pack is easy to reach and deploy.

  1. Pineapple and cheese cubes, this classic can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge,

Take a whole slab of vegan cheese (we like the supermarket own label cheeses or Bute Island Sheese best) and a pineapple, cut them up into cubes, portion them out into separate containers and store in the fridge. This is an easy to prepare and easy to eat quick snack. You can also freeze these – check the cheese brand label, most most vegan cheeses are okay to freeze.

2) Blueberry muffins,

Batch make some blueberry muffins, which you can pop into the freezer or fridge for a healthy treat. You can use pretty much any recipe online, or even just a regular blueberry muffin recipe and substitute the egg for milled flaxseed or an egg replacer, or even a banana, and use plant milk instead of milk. Why not make the muffins together as a cooking activity?

3) Fruit pot,

You can’t always make these in advance as some fruits will go brown or soggy, but if you pick your fruits well, it can work out okay. Although, this one is often best prepared fresh,

I cut up 3-4 different fruits and make a fruits salad or a fruit potluck.

Fruits that last a bit longer, maybe a couple of days, include pomegranates, grapes, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries

4) Dried fruit and nut mix

Dried fruit and nut mixes are great. Raisins, cranberries, mango mixed with cashew, pistachio and almonds is a mix packed full of goodness. You can batch-make a large jar and then share them out into smaller servings. Stored airtight these can be kept at room temperature. You can also do a dried fruit mix and a nut mix as two separate mixes.

5) Berry good dried fruit mix

I use goji berries, apricots and papaya into an exotic dried fruit mix!

6) Watermelon

I pre slice the watermelon and place it in a airtight container in the fridge, ready to serve.

7) Olives and breadsticks

My kids love olives, so I make up little olive pots ready for any snack emergency, at the last minute add some bread sticks to them.

8) Flapjacks

I tend to make a batch. Mix oats or a trail mix in a pot, add some syrup (I also add cinnamon and choc chips), mix it all out and flatten in a baking tray. Sometimes I drizzle some melted chocolate on top. Then I can cut into squares for treat time!

9) Freezer ice pops

Great if you have some leftover fruit about to go off. Pop it into a blender and then pour into ice cube trays. You now have a simple ice pop you can pop out and eat.

10) Fruit loaf

We have our own bread maker, so it’s simple for us to make a fruit loaf which can be cut up and eaten as a healthy snack.

11) Crunchy veg pack,

Grab a tupperware container and pop your favourite crunchy veg sticks inside. I like cucumber, carrots and sweet peas.

12) Celery and peanut butter logs

Cut up the celery in to 2-3 inch pieces and add a dollop of peanut butter!


Make your own popcorn from corn kernels. Pop and flavour with lots of different spices or syrups.

14) Fruit crisps

You can make fruit crisps by cutting fruit into slices and baking them the oven. Again there are lots of recipes online on how to do this, but it’s fairly easy to do and a great snack to prepare and store in an airtight container.

15) Dates and chocolate buttons

I mix dates and chocolate buttons together in a pot, which makes a great snack if you can convince your kids to eat them!

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