Free things to do with the kids

At home:

  1. Smoothie making. Great for a hot day. Grab the ingredients, pop them in a blender and then enjoy the results.
  2. Eco-bricking. Get the kids eco-bricking. Find out more at
  3. Movie night. Get the popcorn in (or make it yourself) and pick a fun family film.
  4. Put on a fashion show, with all your favourite clothes.
  5. Go camping in the back garden!
  6. Make a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt in the house or garden.
  7. Create an obstacle course, in the house or garden.
  8. Chalking. Grab your chalks and make some beautiful outdoor pictures.
  9. Have a yoga session with the kids.
  10. Set yourself a new challenge, such as learning to ride a bike, swim, or rollerskate. Look on local marketplaces and auction sites as sometimes people are giving away equipment for free.


  1. Picnic in the park. Find your local green space and take lunch out for the day. Pre-pack your lunch (don’t forget the picnic blanket) and enjoy a nice meal outside.
  2. Swimming. Many local councils now offer free holiday swim sessions.
  3. Go to a local playground, maybe find one locally you have not been too yet?
  4. Lots of museums are free to go to.
  5. Go bat spotting. Find some water at dusk, grab a big torch and watch bats come out and play over the water.
  6. Go on a family walk. There are usually lots of local walks around your area, and if there aren’t why not make your own up!
  7. Take a camera and go on a photo shoot day. Then come back and make a scrapbook of your photos.
  8. Take a tent and go camping, and star gazing.
  9. Go fly a kite.
  10. Find a local river or stream and play pooh sticks from a bridge.

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