Teachers survival guide

Everyday I hear and see lots of Vegan parents sharing often shocking evidence of vegan Children being discriminated against in their class or school.

Often I don’t believe it is intentional, but probably stems from a lack of understanding of Veganism or fear of Veganism.

It’s absolutely brilliant that so many parents are choosing to bring up their children with a Vegan diet, I know from looking at my own vegan children how happy and healthy a vegan diet can be for kids.

As adults, we often face stigma from following a vegan diet, we also experience bullying and discrimination in our workplaces.

I want our vegan children to feel included at school, to feel a part of something, and to be accepted.

My own kids have come home from school saying things like “My teacher told me cows don’t get hurt when they make milk.” or coming home with a bag of grapes at Easter when the rest of the class got given a chocolate egg.

So this year I wanted to get off to a good start and produced a little survival guide for teachers who teach vegan Children, I gave it to both of my kids teachers, just to give them a bit of background and understand why we are vegan and some of the things they might like to consider.

I can say that so far so good, and we haven’t had any issues this year.

So incase anyone would like to download my guide and use it for their children too, I have attached it here.

I’m also keen to improve the guide so if you have any feedback or think there is something I have missed – please do get in touch fun@vegankidsfestival.co.uk

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