Marching for the animals

Marching for Animal rights

This summer our family went on the animal rights march through London, At first I was a bit unsure if it would be right to take the kids on a march, they are only little so I was wondering if there legs would make it or, what would the atmosphere be like.

We were pleased to see there would be a family friendly section marching at the back and this made are decisions to go.

We travelled from Salisbury the night before to stay with my mom who lives near to London and made our banners ready for the march.

My kids are very proud vegans, so the idea of the march was exciting for them. I really had no idea what they would make of it, but we were just going to play it by ear, if we only marched for a bit and legs got tired I was prepared to go and do other things in London.

If it was too intense for them then also we had the option to leave.

The Kids section of the march had a meeting point in Hyde park where we where attracting the march from, getting off the train there where lots of other animal rights protesters complete with their banners, it was a good feeling being around others who feel the same.

At the beginning of the march the kids where a bit restless as we waited for the speeches at the beginning, but before long we got going, and walking along with everyone else.

The kids where holding their banners high and chanting away with everyone else. We where all having a good time and it felt like we where doing something really positive for the animals. There was lots of us so obviously we where attracting a lot of attention as we marched along the streets of London.

The pace was nice and slow and not once did my kids moan their legs hurt. We marched and chanted, the whole way.

This year included a blockade of Trafalgar Square, something else I was not sure about as I’m not one to be a rule breaker, but we used it as an opportunity to sit and grab something to eat, we had brought a packed lunch and lots of snacks with us, it was a nice rest break and spurred us on for the next bit, as the march began again we found ourselves up the front end of the march, which was a lot louder and more energetic but the atmosphere felt really good and soon we where chanting along with everyone.

At times my kids asked me what “Liberation’ meant even though they had been happily chanting the words all along.

One of my favorite moments was when we passed McDonalds, a place my kids have never been, I’ve always felt like the only one who doesn’t allow them to go, I tried to explain to them why we don’t go but it is difficult when they can see all there friends going there, and questions do get asked. As we marched past the crowd where saying “shame on you” to McDonalds and the kids and I both loved this – it made them realize mummy is strange, all these other people believe in what we do too.

We got the green by parliament square at the end of the march, we had walked it all, not a single moan from the kids, we listened to the talks at the end – perhaps some where not suitable for the kids, to hear and they where a bit restless again during this, it was really motivating to hear all the great work of the people organizing the march and it felt so good to be a part of it.

We will definitely be marching for the animals again next year and hope you can come too.

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